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Chaitanya School is managed by the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust (SVNT) a group
committed to providing quality and affordable education in
the state capital, Gandhinagar.

SVNT believes that today’s students play a major role as leaders
and opinion- makers of tomorrow, and that there is a felt need to impart quality education based on
moral values to this vital section.

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Smt Elizabeth Koshy, Director, Chaitanya

Message from Founder Director

My dear Students, Parents and Teachers, and all those interested in making the world a better place,

Education at Chaitanya is all about learning with understanding. Chaitanya aims to inculcate values and principles associated with Satya, Seva, Sahas and the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust’s policy of Giving back to Society.

I request parents and teachers to collaborate with us to nurture and support these endeavours.

School Management

  • Smt Elizabeth Koshy
  • Founder Trustee, SVNT; Director, Chaitanya School; Member Chaitanya School Management; Author

  • Shri Ravi Gopalan
  • Hon. Treasurer, SVNT; Member Chaitanya School Management; Software Architect, President Argusoft, Gandhinagar

  • Smt Nalini Subbarao
  • Trustee, SVNT; Member, Chaitanya School Management

  • Shri K Nityanandam
  • Member, Chaitanya School Management; Former Addl. Director General of Police, Government of Gujarat; Security Advisor

  • Shri Nipul Thaker
  • Chief Administrative Officer, Chaitanya School

  • Smt Swati Matta
  • Principal, Chaitanya School


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