Events 2022-23

Janmashtami celebration @Chaitanya Junior

Chaitanya believes in “dharma- jaati jaane na hum” – the  reason for celebrations of Janmashtami,  Christmas and other festivals too. In this way we ensure that our students  are able to “Emphasise the Similarities and celebrate the Differences”  in our culture.

The Janmashtami celebration and the ever popular Matki Phod was  held @ Chaitanya. The tiny-tots of pre primary and primary section students dressed up as Radha and Krishna and danced to the beats of Janmashtami songs. The little ones in their  traditional costumes added colour to the entire celebration.

Fruit and Vegetable Day @Chaitanya Junior

Oranges and Lemon are good for your tummy…Bananas and Apples are so yummmyyy….

The Fruit and Vegetable Day was aimed at educating children about the importance of fruits and vegetables along with a local market set up.
Some students were dressed up as vegetable and fruit vendors. Children were encouraged to follow a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Teachers' Day @Chaitanya Lekawada

Teachers’ Day 2022 at Chaitanya School Gandhinagar was, as always, a day full of touching tributes from old and new students to their teachers.
The students vied with each other to show their love and gratitude towards the teachers through a variety of programs at the amphitheatre.
The Sree Vidya Niketan Trust which manages Chaitanya school hosted a grand lunch for the teachers at the Infocity Club. They were warmly welcomed by the Director, Ms Koshy and other Trustees on the School Management, Mr Nityanandam and Mr Ravi Gopalan. They were full of praise for the teachers who held the fort during the Covid days and continued to provide exemplary teaching . Their speeches and interactive sessions also had interesting anecdotes from their own lives.
After that, it was fun and games all the way.

Chaitanya Junior celebrates Teachers' Day

Teachers’ Day at Chaitanya is special for both children and teachers.
At a special assembly Dr Radhakrishnan’ s association with teachers was explained to students.
Students dressed up as Teachers and in circle time explained how they enjoy coming to school everyday and being with their dear teachers. The little ones sang and recited rhymes to acknowledge the contribution of their mother teachers.

Onam celebration at Chaitanya

Chaitanya School Gandhinagar, celebrated Onam, the popular Kerala festival with great enthusiasm on 8th September 2022.
Chaitanyans believe in diverse cultural and religious celebrations at their school.
Onam celebrates the time of great prosperity commemorating King Mahabali’s yearly visit to his subjects. He is welcomed with a ‘Pookalam’ or ‘Floral Rangoli’.
Chaitanyanans outdid themselves by creating a spectacular pookalam at their amphitheatre.
The story of Mahabali was also retold through song and dance.
The whole school was in festive mode. 

Chaitanya Junior celebrates Onam

Each day has it’s importance and is celebrated in a unique way @ Chaitanya. The festival was celebrated to display the rich culture of our nation. Traditional ‘Pookalam’ or ‘Flower Rangoli’ was made to make our students aware of eco friendly ways to celebrate a the festival. The tiny tots participated in the activities with great enthusiasm.

Connecting Communities: Universal Access through Satellite Internet

A unique program was held on 8th July, 2022 at Chaitanya School Gandhinagar. Connecting Communities: Universal Access through Satellite Internet. Ms Monika Marciniak, Material Science and Manufacturing Process Engineer, a visitor from the USA, inspired the children of classes 10 – 12 by her informative talk on how satellites can connect communities. New avenues opened up for children thinking about future employment  in a field which they knew existed but now was instigated to go into the depth of the subject and study. The program was enlivened by the innumerable questions asked by the young enthusiasts, each of which was patiently answered by Ms Marciniak.

Declamation Competition 2022-23

Somya Jain of Class 10 secured  the first position beating the students of Delhi Public School and D.A.V. school who were judged at third and second positions. There were 6 participants who represented Antonio Gutteres  among which Somya Jain’s performance was accurate with body language, voice modulation, gesture and expression that backed him up to bring laurels for the school.

In order to enhance public speaking and growing leadership for the upcoming issues in the world Zydus School of Excellence had organized “Inter- school Declamation Competition” on sustainable development which was the topic of discussion.  29 prominent schools of Ahmedabad had participated along with  Chaitanya School . The competition was conducted in three categories (A) grade 6 to 8 (B) grade 9 and 10 (C) grade 11 and 12. Our three scholars Shreyas Sahu, Somya Jain and Aditi Thokchom  had represented our school as per the categories decided by the host school. Somya Jain secure the first position beating the students of Delhi Public School and D.A.V. school at third and second positions. There were 6 participants who represented Antonio Guttere among which Somya Jain’s performance was accurate with body language, voice modulation, gesture and expression that backed him up to bring laurels for the school.

Chaitanyans showcase the ancient and traditional folk art of Gujarat, Bhavai...

Out of the many feats that the students of Chaitanya School, Lekawada, are capable of performing, was one massive task of preserving and showcasing the ancient and traditional folk art of Gujarat, Bhavai.

On 27th June 2022 the school was happy to showcase Bhavai with contemporary issues to NRI visitors Mr Kochukoshy Cheruvettolil and Ms Monika Marciniak with their little sons.

The distinguished guests were pleased to witness the colourful show and a tour of the school campus.

International Yoga Day 2022-23

21st June 2022, Chaitanya School, Lekawada, observed a cheerful International Yoga Day in the arena. This was done through a series of “asanas” by the students of classes 5 to 12.

As Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had once said, “Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature.”

At Chaitanya School it began with Surya Namaskar and went on to others, with the anchors pointing out the benefits of each.

The unification of India was beautifully integrated through Yoga, because the study of asanas is not just about mastering postures. It is about strengthening mental ability to gain a certain goal, which Shri Sardar Patel had done successfully years back. He had convinced and united the smaller states like Hyderabad, Junagarh, Jammu and Kashmir as part of our country.


Van Mahotsav was celebrated at Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar, from the 1st to 7th July 2022, by the students of classes 1 – 5. Starting from getting the flower beds ready with the help of the gardener, sowing fenugreek and coriander seeds, to a nature walk in which the students themselves measured the height of the plants which had sprouted, it was a week long program. The little ones enjoyed the time spent out of the four walls of the classrooms and amidst nature. Their interest and excitement was unbounded.

Career councelling for classes 11 and 12

Chaitanya school endeavours to make the higher secondary students future ready not only with the in-demand skill set but also with opportunities and exposure.

The world is changing and multitasking is gradually becoming more essential, thus the need for new careers.

To help the students make an informed decision about their career, Chaitanya School welcomed Ashoka University, which is well known for its foundation courses and Interdisciplinary majors.

To give an insight on the most required new age careers, the Ashoka University’s Outreach Department of Liberal Education conducted a seminar especially in Liberal Education, for our Chaitanyans of Grade 11 and 12.

Ms. Swati Razdan, Deputy Manager of the Outreach Department at Ashoka University, gave an elaborate presentation on the courses offered at Ashoka University, application procedures, scholarship opportunities, campus placements and some guidance on life after graduation too.

The attentive students were also given a virtual tour of campus life at the University- a treat indeed!

Ms Swati Razdan addressed the questions and feedback towards the end of her presentation. The session was highly interactive, reflecting the interest of the students. They all certainly deserved this insight into what they could do after completing grade 12.

Project GREEN CHAITANYA….a tribute to Mother Nature!
An initiative by Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar to preserve our environment.

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing which stands in the way,” William Blake wrote in his most beautiful letter.

Green Chaitanya Project launched at Lekawada campus of Chaitanya School on 20th July 2019. Greening partners are Sree Vidya Niketan Trust and ARC Foundation and Bank of Baroda. In a well attended function, the project was launched by Mrs Archana Pandey, General Manager and Chief Learning Officer, Bank of Baroda & Mr Pankaj Jani, Deputy General Manager, Baroda Apex Academy. Bank of Baroda officers celebrated their 112th Founder’s Day on the Chaitanya premises by planting a large number of trees at a special plot called Arcadia. Veteran Wing Commander, Dharmendra Sharma and his team of  ARC Foundation played a vital role in implementing the project. Special invitee Mrs Beena Kailashnathan interacted with students while demonstrating the potting of vegetables saplings and germinating seeds. She gave students many useful tips of the above.


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