Message from Founder Trustee

My dear Students, Parents and Teachers, and all those interested in making the world a better place,

Chaitanya is a pioneer, a collaborator, and a far-sighted school. BUT we have to acknowledge that the most valuable asset that we have is each other – stake holders, namely, Parents, Teachers and School Management. We believe in  upholding values and principles to nurture generation next. However without group effort and partnership, our growth is limited to our own perspectives, stunted and gnarled, without fresh winds providing the frame of mind for further learning. Every school boasts of innumerable extra- curricular and co-curricular activities. For us at Chaitanya, there is nothing ‘extra’ about activities that differentiate from mere book learning and the development of life skills. That is what Education at Chaitanya is all about; not mere literacy, but learning with understanding, and presentation of the skills imbibed thereof within existing systems. The Chaitanya Management recognizes that a child is endowed with multiple intelligences and can rise to his or her full potential with proper application of understanding and awareness with inter-disciplinary teaching and learning.

Chaitanya is synonymous with Childhood for the Child. Side by side we raise a thinking child because we are conscious that Children need to be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think. We start this methodology early,  fromthe  kindergarten right up to the Senior Secondary and skill them for the job market.

With this in mind we are  offering Commerce  Science, Mathsand ARTS to give students ample opportunity to choose future careers according to their aptitude or inclination.

Chaitanya aims to inculcate values and principles associated with Satya, Seva, Sahas  andSreeVidyaNiketan Trust’s  policy of Giving back to Society. I request parents and teachers to collaborate with us to nurture and support these endeavours. As Director for more than a decade, and, having initiated many of the ongoing events such as the Chaitanyotsav, Diorama( Project Exhibition) and the Chaitanya Khoj (Interschool Quiz)  at Chaitanya I am proud to say that we have sown the seeds of  many world class events on our premises.

Finally, you can be assured that Chaitanya provides Quality Education at an Affordable Price.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Koshy
Director, Chaitanya