The School

CHAITANYA School is managed by The Sree Vidya Niketan Trust, a group, interested in providing good education in Gujarat, especially in the capital, Gandhinagar. We believe that the middle-class children are the leaders and opinion- makers of tomorrow, and there is a felt need to impart quality education based on moral values to this vital segment.

“Chaitanya” in the Sanskrit lexicon means Consciousness, Knowledge or the vitality of Life itself. Education has been called the technique of transmitting civilization and in the process, enlightening the understanding and enriching the character while imbuing the child with values and ideals. It must kindle the imagination and stimulate their faculties. Chaitanya aims at inculcating a consciousness of the world around us, commitment to the environment and respect for every human being, irrespective of caste, creed or gender.

CHAITANYA in Gandhinagar is a school where Education is NOT a Business. It is a unique effort to provide an education that promises Childhood for the Child and a Responsible Adulthood, where learning is a Joy and not a stressful experience for the child or the parent.

It is our belief that the partnership between parents and teachers form the backbone of every child’s education and overall development.