Teaching Methodology

  • Chaitanya allows the child to learn at his own pace, in keeping with the physical and mental development of his/her age. The Chaitanya motto is Childhood for the Child.
  • Chaitanya is an English medium school, where the children speak English fluently from a very early age, even if the child has not been exposed to the language at home.
  • Integrated learning methods are followed for the over-all development of the child’s personality.
  • Reasonable amount of Home Study is expected. Tuitions are not encouraged.
  • Along with prescribed textbooks we follow concepts developed in the class through different activities, and worksheets distributed for practice and learning.
  • Modern audio visual equipments and instructional materials are used as teaching aids.
  • Activities like Music and Dance, Art and Craft, Karate, Yoga and Chess are integrated into their daily schedules.