Members of Sexual Harassment Committee – 2024-25

In Compliance with the Social and legal requirement for the constitution of the Sexual Harassment Committee for the monitoring and prevention of abuse and exploitation, the following members have been indicated after getting their permission.


They will henceforth be functioning in the committee at Chaitanya School.

Sr No. Member
1 Ms. Elizabeth Koshy, Director (Chaitanya School)
2 Ms. Nalini Subbarao, Trustee (SVNT)
3 Mr. Nipul Thaker, Chief Administrative Officer
4 Ms. Swati Matta(Principal)
5 Ms. Mukta Deshpande (Admin Head)
6 Ms. Akila Pillai (Co-ordinator Chaitanya Junior)
7 Ms. Sreekala Sathish (Academic Coodinator)
8 Ms. Dimpal Patel (Member Teacher)
9 Ms. Tamanna Rathod (Academic Coodinator)
10 Ms. Mamta Malhotra (Parent Teacher)
11 Ms. Angana Sharma (Counsellor)
12 Mr. Gautam Patel (Deputy Director, Ashoka University)
13 Ms. Krutika Patel (Director, Sajeevta Foundation)
14 Mr. Kirit Patel (Campus Manager)