Chaitanya is synonymous with Childhood for the Child. Chaitanya –an English medium CBSE School where children learn to speak English fluently to help them compete in national and international forums. At the same time great pride and emphasis is placed on nurturing Indian tradition and culture.

You can be assured that your child will benefit from quality education in Chaitanya  from Nursery to Class  XII without disruption.

The Curriculum

Through a carefully planned curriculum we provide a variety of activities to enhance and encourage your child’s emotional, physical, and social development. These activities include themes and projects to promote awareness of the diversity of the world about us, creative activities ,books and music which encourage speaking and listening skills and a chance to experiment with colors and shapes, play dough, glue and paper, puzzles, building blocks and construction toys.

Stress-free learning with understanding

You can be sure your child is learning while he/she plays. Do not be concerned if your child does not have anything to show at the end of a school day. She/he could have been learning by observation and doing, sequencing with sizes, colors or shapes, counting ,sorting and classifying, moulding dough or simply making a new friend. English is taught with the help of phonics and sight words so that the child becomes comfortable with the spoken English.

Chaitanya is a child-centric school

You can rest assured that your child will feel physically, mentally and emotionally secure in the Chaitanya School environment with considerate, committed teachers and a Management which cares for your child’s well being and believes in Childhood for the Child.