Chaitanya Theme 2022-23

Rethinking VUCA

Chaitanya Theme for 2022-23

VUCA as we know it stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. In the last two years, the only Constant has been unpredictable change, a lot of it, negative. However, the changing environments also provide new opportunities for innovations and revival of the human spirit to cope with all that the VUCA world stands for.
Chaitanya believes in a holistic Education. Therefore, “We shall overcome” will be the credo for the year as we equip ourselves with the spirit to navigate this complex and uncertain world, and develop life skills, which will make a difference to ourselves and the world around us.
At Chaitanya, we are Rethinking VUCA.
Let VUCA remain, but in new avatars with a new VISION, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION, AFFIRMATION and thus create these new interpretations of the acronym. There are many more positive elucidations we can think up to create that positive world for our children.