Why Chaitanya

Exceptional Chaitanya


  • Chaitanya is synonymous with Childhood for the Child and stress – free education.
  • Chaitanya – an English medium school where children learn to speak English fluently to help them compete in national and international forums. At the same time great pride and emphasis is placed on nurturing Indian traditions and culture.
  • The Sree Vidya Niketan Trust  launched Chaitanya in October 2003 with just 2 children and 2 teachers in premises offered by a trustee and the  good will and donations of well-wishers. Today it is housed in well- planned beautiful buildings on a spacious 5 acre campus in Lekawada.

SVNT does not link admission to the school with donations

  • Chaitanya fees are kept at reasonable levels to cover the operating costs.
  • The gifted under-privileged child is assisted with concessions in fee structure to include him/her in this system of excellence. No discrimination –  No caste/ class/ creed /gender divide.

Chaitanya caters to a burgeoning middle class which will be 50 % of our population by 2020

  • SVNT aims to provide quality education based on moral values at an affordable price .
  • The reasonable level of fees has resulted in both horizontal integration of students from urban and rural areas and vertical integration of students from the well-to-do and not so well-to-do strata of society mirroring the socio-economic composition of the area. At Chaitanya, both rural and urban children are acquainted with English as a communication tool from a very early age. They are eased into a friendly environment at the school, which is sensitised to their special needs.
  • Chaitanya  is committed to the education of the girl- child.
  • Chaitanya aims at a holistic education for children, integrating intellectual, emotional and spiritual quotients to groom  caring and responsible citizens of the country. At Chaitanya IQ = EQ + SQ

Chaitanya believes that education should be a collaborative enterprise between the key stake holders of parents and teachers with the child at the centre.

  • At Chaitanya a minimum of 4 sections for every class with just 25 to 30 children in a section ensures that children get the benefit of individual attention.
  • Classes from Nursery to Class IX CBSE Syllabus. Offers education from Nursery to Class 12.
  • High Happiness Factor at Chaitanya makes learning an enjoyable experience for Children and Parents.
  • Dedicated School Management, qualified Principal and caring teachers to facilitate the same.
  • Education at Chaitanya teaches children to develop Creative and Inquiring minds even while working within established systems and acquiring the required Life Skills
  • Excellent Sports and Games facilities at Chaitanya, Lekawada are being created as we have spacious grounds. Basket ball and volley ball, table- tennis, a 200 m track for running, and table tennis and tennis courts are all on the anvil.
  • Participation in English, Maths, Science and Cyber Olympiads with prizes and ranks.
  • Our children have won accolades in Drawing and General Knowledge competitions.
  • Distinction at  District and State levels in Karate and Chess competitions.
  • Training to participate in National Level Quiz Competitions with Chaitanya Khoj
  •  Special classes in Karate, Yoga, Dance, Music and Chess conducted and integrated into their daily schedule.