THE VIVARAN ( The Chaitanya Digest) 2018

The Vivaran is literally bursting at the seams with material, and a more heartening aspect could not be imagined by us, Educators. The students have interviewed their own teachers; composed their own poems; written reports about their field trips and how to conserve the environment by celebrating festivals without disturbing the eco-system. You will read about our Achievers who have competed with the world outside to make a mark.
It is exciting to see the students vying for print space in the Vivaran. As a writer myself I know the thrill one feels at seeing your name in print. But those who did not make it to this Vivaran need not be discouraged. The Vivaran is here to stay, and it is Chaitanya’s very own publication.It is up to you to see that it is nurtured and allowed to grow.
• The Vivaran publication is part of our Life Skills programme – to read and write in order to communicate effectively, make relevant presentations and projects. In this way we wish to make sure that Learning at Chaitanya is a meaningful exercise which will stand our students in good stead in the future, identify their aptitudes and help them in the job market and give them that all-important edge to secure those jobs.
For this purpose the students need to master concepts, and take ownership of their learning. In the classroom, we plan a lot of interaction, guided by the teachers, which will hone their skills for themselves – not for the marks. They will be able to assess their own abilities and be judged by their peers, because ultimately their peers are their competition. We need to take cognizance of multiple intelligences and acknowledge that every student can develop and be a master in his or her own areas of excellence.
All of us are life-long learners, but we do have to follow a certain order in the inter-twined process of teaching and learning. Therefore, it is imperative that, at the outset, teachers be motivated to read and write in order to inspire their students to do the same. As a progressive school, I am sure much will be achieved in the new year.

Editor-in- Chief with the Editorial Team