How can you make your childís stay at Chaitanya a satisfying experience for all of us?

(For the sake of convenience we will refer to the child as he/his, but indicates she/her as well)

  • Take a co-operative and constructive stand in all your dealings with the School. Do not criticize the school or teachers in the childís hearing. The negative impact of this is more than you can imagine.
  • Be in constant touch with his teachers. But donít harass them with petty demands.
  • Quality time is important. Be available to encourage your child.
  • Make sure that he sits down to his school work at fixed times in the day, but please donít do his homework for him.
  • A table or desk with good lighting and a shelf to keep his school supplies, such as notebooks and pencils etc will keep him more organized.
  • Plan for the next day. Help him organize his uniforms, books and homework the night before, so that mornings are not rushed.
  • Punctuality: Make sure that your child reaches the school at the stipulated time. If a 3 year old is late for school, only the parent can be blamed for not organizing time better.
  • It is important that the child goes to bed at a reasonable hour and wakes up early enough to take some nourishment and reach school at the correct time.
  • TV must not disrupt a childís daily routines. Be selective about suitable programmes for your child.
  • In joint families grandparents are requested to support the parents in bringing up the grand-children. Do not give the child conflicting instructions and confuse him. Let the parents bring up their child.
  • Make sure that healthy meals are served on time. The maximum brain development takes place in the first five years, so this is the time for you to ensure that your child has a balanced diet to ensure physical and mental growth.
  • Birthdays are special and can be celebrated with the class. But please send only simple toffees or chocolates for his friends and teachers at Chaitanya. You are welcome to have other celebrations at your own house.
  • Please share all relevant information and changes at home with the teacher. This will enable us to help your child if we observe any changes in behaviour.
  • Please pay special attention to the following :
  1. Arrival of a new baby.
  2. Absent parents.
  3. Illness or death in the family.

We are proud of the family atmosphere that prevails at Chaitanya and we look forward to a cooperative effort in bringing out the best in your child

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