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Chaitanya School Celebrates International Yoga Day-2015

“The only way to experiance true well being is to turn inward.This is what yoga means – not up,not out,but in.The only way out is in “ –Sadhguru

The International Yoga Day was celebrated at Chaitanya School,Gandhinagar on 21st June 2015.The ethos of being grounded and being in sync with the Indian traditions has been an on –going exercise at Chaitanya.The Management believes that academics and a holistic approach to health and

well being go hand-in-hand.

It was not difficult for the Chaitanya students to comply with celebrations of International Yoga Day as the students are already proficient at the various asanas.

The one hour session was held at the Barot  Amphitheatre in their spacious Lekawada campus in the open air. Particular stress was given to ensure that students reap the benefits of an age old practice which India can rightfully be proud of.The Chaitanya students and teachers are convinced of the importance of inculcating basic yoga asanas in their daily lives as they have regular weekly sessions in the school.

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