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Elizabeth Koshy Director, Chaitanya and Secretary SVNT wrote:

It is my proud privilege to announce that the 2nd batch of Chaitanya's Class 10 has come out with Flying Colours with a cent per cent pass. We have bettered our position this year with 4 students achieving a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 10, the highest- grade. Another 6 have scored between 9 and 9.8. All the teachers and the students did their best to achieve this degree of success for Chaitanya. Kudos to them.

At Chaitanya we believe in laying foundations at a very early stage and I am proud to say that 2 of the students who made the CGPA 10 have been with us from Nursery on wards, and full credit to Chaitanya, as they are all-rounders too. We move forward with renewed hope that Class 12 too will win laurels for Chaitanya this coming year.

On behalf of the School Management I thank all the Staff, Ms Swati Matta, Principal, students, parents, Trustees and Advisors of the SVNT, and especially Prafullbhai, Chairman for the unstinting support extended to Chaitanya School.


Shri Prafull Anubhai, Chairman, SVNT writes:

This indeed is heart warming hews. It only vindicates what 'hetushuddhi' , 'vivekbuddhi' and 'karyashakti' can do. Congratulations, warm words of appreciation and best wishes.

Dr Indira Nityanandam, Trustee:

Please convey our hearty congratulations to the students and to the staff
We look forward to hearing of many more such achievements
A special word of appreciation for you, Mrs Koshy
You kept the flag flying. We are proud of your vision and execution too
A pat on the back to each and every Chaitanyan
Smt Nalini Subbarao, Trustee on School Management

It is indeed a great moment in Chaitanya's life. This gives a boost to the morale of the group so dedicated to the cause of Chaitanya. A good pat on the back to my fellow school management team and thanks to the Chairman, trustees and advisers for always supporting us. We do have a good dedicated set of teachers and staff and this Satsang will definitely pay dividends, I am sure. The students are a good set of students. We shall look forward for the results of the first 12th class results in 2017.

Smt Rita Teaotia, Commerce Secretary, Govt of India

Congratulations to all Chaitanyans, Chairman, Director, faculty and students. You've come a very long way and this must really feel very satisfying and happy....... this proves you are here to stay!!

God bless your team and children- may they fly!!


Dr VV Ramasubbarao, Advisor, SVNT :

Hearty congratulations to the students, the teachers, the School Management and above all the Director for the Stupendous achievement.

C K Koshy, Advisor, SVNT

Hearty Congratulations to the students, Director, Chaitanya and her team of teachers for the outstanding results.


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