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Mother’s meet at Chaitanya Junior on 8th August,2015

Classes  : Nursery & Jr KG (8.30 -10 AM)

                Sr KG (10.30-12 PM)

Agenda : Acquaint the mothers with teaching methodology and rules & regulations of the school.

Report :At Chaitanya School we believe in providing “Childhood for the child”, with this steadfast belief Chaitanya Junior organized Mother’s meet on 8th August,2015.The primary reason for organizing the meet was to acquaint the mothers with Chaitanya methodology of teaching. Co-ordinator Ms. Namrata Banerjee, welcomed the parents and introduced them to  the concept of mother’s meet and the agenda behind it. Teachers (Ms. Akila Pillai for Sr.KG & Ms. Savita Diwedi for Jr. KG) explained the Chaitanya methodology in such a manner as to synchronise learning at school and home.

The event was successful with a large number of mothers attending the meet. The meet was  interactive with some constructive feedbacks pouring in. To make the session more interesting two games were organized ,one was “KNOW YOUR CHILD” and the other was “WORD SEARCH PUZZLE”.The winner of “KNOW YOUR CHILD”  game was declared as “Mother of the day”. Co-ordinator Ms. Namrata Banerjee explained the importance of phonics and the reason why it is an important part of Chaitanya methodology.

The feedback received from the mothers was heartening .Mothers were totally satisfied with the efforts put in to impart education to their children. Any  constructive feedback for improvement were also welcome.

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