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Chaitanya -  A place of fun and learning.
Where their curiosity is encouraged and stimulated. The atmosphere is conducive to help them

Early Shopping  Skills at Chaitanya Junior in Sector 21

The Chaitanya learning experience is augmented by frequent trips and excursions to places of educational interest. In keeping with the Chaitanya motto of Childhood for the Child, fun- filled excursions to amusement parks and picnic spots helps to de-stress education. To help the learning process Chaitanya also diligently plans periodic trips to places which enhance life skills and foster sociability.


Learning with fun is the mantra that we follow while exposing children to newer experiences to arouse their curiosity about the world around them beyond the four walls of the school and home. Their last visit to the Fire Station in January to See and Learn was still fresh in their minds when children from  Nursery to Sr. Kg accompanied by their respective class teachers trooped off  to the Jaldhara Departmental Store in Sector 21.  Colourful Chaitanya caps and banners on the school vans added to the excitement of the Shop for Mom theme of the outing.

The Owner and staff of the Jaldhara Super Market welcomed the children with great warmth. They explained the shopping procedure in a child-friendly manner. Since Shop for Mom was the theme each child bought one gift worth Rs 10/- for Mom with loving care. Chaitanya is impressed by various ways in which Society can Partner Excellence in Education as depicted by Jaldhara in welcoming the little Chaitanyans and giving them an opportunity to Learn by Doing. Chocolates were distributed to all the children by the Store.

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