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Chaitanya celebrates Holi with flowers

Holi is a vibrant festival full of fun and colours. At Chaitanya, children are introduced to Indian culture with meaningful celebrations of all our major festivals. Holi was celebrated at Chaitanya Junior in Sector-21 with both children and teachers equally excited about the joyous festival of colours.

As always children were given the back ground of the Festival of Colours in the form of stories. The teachers emphasized the fact that basically the festival is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. The legend of Holika and Prahlad was enacted by the teachers. They were told about Braj Ki Holi and the worship of Kanhaji and Radha ji.

Although Holi is typically played with colors and water, environmental consciousness is an important aspect of Chaitanya education. Therefore, at Chaitanya we celebrated Holi with flower petals to make children aware of the need to conserve water and avoid polluting the environment. In keeping with tradition Tilak with gulal was applied by the teachers to the children. They all played Holi together, singing and dancing with much fun and laughter. The celebrations ended with the distribution of sweets to the children.

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