Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar collaborates with State Election Commission on National Voter's Day (NVD) celebrated on 25th January to create public awareness and inspire the youth to exercise their Right To Vote.

In keeping with the spirit of the nation, Chaitanya School with support from the Election Commission actively promoted the National Voters’ Day (NVD) celebrated on 25th January to create public awareness and inspire the youth to exercise their Right To Vote.

A series of projects were undertaken by the school to foster the spirit of electoral democracy. Students of the schools’ Humanities Department framed Quotes on Votes which were incorporated into audio-visual presentations in the form of poster campaigns throughout Gandhinagar city. The social media and internet were extensively utilized to communicate the message. The Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) campaign and an in house Quiz Competition were conducted in cooperation with the State Election Commission, Gujarat.

Ms Anita Karwal, Principal Secretary & Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat conveyed to the students in an email interview, ‘it is important for young students to understand the tenets of Indian democracy to be able to participate as complete citizens in future; and good education becomes the torchbearer.’ She further added that ‘the best way that the youth can contribute towards the democratic process of elections is by being informed citizens.’

Students also conducted roleplays signifying the importance of voting. The events culminated with Chaitanya Students rendering an innovative Matdaan Chetna Geet at the National Voters’ Day presided over by the Governor of Gujarat at Mahatma Mandir on 25th Jan 2016.

The NVD has ignited an added sense of responsibility and respect for the nation in the minds of the youngesters, as Ms Anita Karwal in her message to the students explicitly explains: “There are countries today in the world, where freedom of expression and speech are unheard of. We have it. We need to value it. We need to nurture it. So while you educate yourself to attain a bright future; do not forget your democratic duties towards the nation.”



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