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BEST FROM WASTE:  We believe that awareness, respect and understanding of the environment and the earth must be a key philosophy that underpins Chaitanya’s educational rationale.  The Director of Chaitanya School, Ms Elizabeth Koshy has taken the initiative to develop a culture that encourages students, teachers and support staff of Chaitanya to reduce waste, reuse and recycle resources and take care when disposing of waste. Best from Waste is an on-going activity at Chaitanya from its very inception.


As a part of this activity, Young Chaitanyans are trained to make useful products from waste material. Their hands cast a magic spell and old shirts and worn off jean pants turn into beautiful handbags and doormats, small disposed of pencils turn into a useful pencil holder, biscuit wrappers or milk pouches, which generally meet their fate in a dustbin turn into colourful flowers or pom-poms, the dustbin too is neatly and innovatively designed using cartons or boxes discarded as waste, the shells of dry fruits like pistachio which are thrown away as waste get a new look in fabulous show pieces or photo-frames. The students also use old invitation / greeting cards in their school projects or to make new cards. The empty bottles of mineral water are generally thrown away as waste, but Chaitanyans know how to create beautiful wall hangings or show pieces from them.

Through the Best out of Waste projects, eco-friendly Chaitanyans are setting an example in front of the society to reuse and recycle with the ‘Mantra’ - Recycle today for a better tomorrow!

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