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“Walkathon” conducted by Chaitanya Junior at Sector 21 on 6th August,2015

 In consonance to the theme of the year, Chaitanya Junior in an effort to spread the social message of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, undertook a cleanliness drive in sector 21 adjoining the school. The procession started from school at around 11 A.M, students hailing from class Nursery to Sr KG took up the initiative in right earnest and their effort of chanting slogans of community cleaning and displaying banners of social messages was appreciated by one and all. The students made these banners as a part of July activity. Reliance fresh gave them an opportunity to visit their outlet and were rewarded with chocolates, students thoroughly enjoyed the brief visit.


     Walkathon lasted for almost an hour, where the students covered almost all the lanes of sector 21 putting their best foot forward to promote the social cause of cleanliness. The social drive caught attention of the public and they took pictures of the tiny toddlers. Shops like Gwalia,Radhe,Reliance Fresh,Jaldhara and few others allowed us to showcase Chaitanya Junior’s posters along with the social message. At the end, Chaitanya Junior accomplished its mission of spreading the social message of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

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