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Discussion on Classroom Teaching-Learning Methodologies


Date: 29/07/ 2015

Speaker: Ms Shubha Koshy, Head of Linguistics, Advisor, Teaching & Learning, Hongkong, International Baccalaureate (IB); Coach Mentor, Asia Pacific Region.

Participants:  Director, Ms Elizabeth Koshy and all teaching staff of Chaitanya School (Junior and Senior)

Key Concept:  Effective and successful teaching encompasses several factors which need to be understood and practiced by teachers in their profession. Teachers can and do affect the future of a generation.

Report: Ms Shubha Koshy had an informal, interactive discussion with Chaitanya School teachers, during which she answered various queries raised, as well as, shared her vast experiences of effective classroom teaching. The speaker started the discussion by sharing a real life experience of hers and asking teachers to share their honest views on why they have chosen this profession, whatever the reason may be.


The speaker further illustrated the teaching-learning techniques, classroom management, and what should be the content with the help of a graphic diagram. She divided the teaching techniques into three main parts.

The first, Classroom Management includes the class environment like display boards, table, chairs, lights, discipline etc. A good classroom management solves the ‘when, where and how’ activities are going to be conducted.

 The second part Content includes the targets, goals, assessment, exams, and syllabus expectations. ‘What’ is being taught is focused upon. The usefulness of the  have 3 P methodology, that is,  Presentation, Practice and Production were explained, and the adaptation of  Scaffolding was emphasized with the example of William Wordsworth’s ‘ Daffodils’. In accordance with Chaitanya’s time frame, Presentation and Practice time should be 15 minutes each, followed by 5 minutes of Production, which can be carry forwarded.

The third aspect of Teaching – Learning techniques was explained by giving  examples of  how classroom control and discipline in the class can be fostered by challenging and occupying the smart and fast learning students with higher level tasks such that the rest remain undisturbed. Teachers need to stretch up their students learning level to the latter’s maximum potential. The use of Traffic Light (or similar) methods were explained, where each student has objects of red, yellow and green with him/her. Raising Red would indicate the students who have not understood the topic; yellow indicating those who have reasonably understood; and green representing the students who have fully understood the topic being explained.

Ms. Shubha concluded the discussion by suggesting that we should keep changing our class settings to raise the enthusiasm and interest of the students, and adopt the ‘Tough Love’ method in the present to ensure a bright future for our students.

This interactive session with Ms Shubha was extremely useful, practical and adaptable. Her pleasant personality was an example itself of how a teacher should ‘appear’ to the students..

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