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Chaitanya School Students Interact with Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta       

Globally renowned scholar in the area of grass root innovations, Padmashree Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta visited and interacted with Chaitanya students today. Founder of the HoneyBee network and  Professor at the IIM-A he is also the Executive Vice Chairman of the National Innovation Foundation(NIF) and a fellow of the World Academy of  Art and Science. Awarded the Padmashree  in  2004, among other awards,  his contributions to the betterment of society have been much acclaimed

Prof. Gupta had an interactive session with the Chaitanya students  during which he organised an ‘On-The-Spot Idea Competition’ which brought to the fore the creative best in the students. Students were given 10 minutes to find a workable solution to some prevailing  problem. A student who gave an  idea of preventing wastage of water while taking a  shower was asked by Professor  Gupta to find a method to save water which he would forward to NIF.


He also visited an exhibition of models prepared by students of classes VI to XI, such as Balloon  Car, Floor Cleaning Robot , Drip & Traditional Irrigation Methods, Satellite Launch Vehicle etc...The Floor Cleaning Robot idea was appreciated by Professor Gupta who recommended that  the students  work on  improving it further .

The students were highly motivated and inspired by Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta  to follow their dreams much like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, his mentor did. The visit  was memorable because Prof Gupta , open to any innovative idea was a role mdel for  the young Chaitanyans. 

“I’m so happy to see the creative expression of the children. They have made many models which address the urgent needs of our society. Hope the spark of creating compassion and collaboration will continue to inspire the children and transfer our country and the world”.

Padmashree Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta

at Chaitanya School,Lekawada(14/08/15)

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