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"Kai-Po-Chhe" at Chaitanya

          Celebrations were once again in full swing on 10th of January 2014 to mark Chaitanya's 10th Anniversary. The lovely and spacious campus of Chaitanya at Lekawada was full of fun and excitement as the children got a double dose of kite- flying in a pre- Uttarayan celebration with their school friends.


          Children, big and small cradled their kites, and armed with ‘phirkis’ hurried to  the grounds, impatient to get their kites up. Soon the sky was vibrant with colour as the frisky kites, bowed and danced in the gentle breeze. The children shouted with mounting excitement and joy as they tugged at their kite strings. The ones watching, eyes wide with wonder and astonishment were equally excited as spectators. The competitive kite fighting enhanced anticipation and the thrill of a battle in the skies. The shouts of "Kai-Po-Chhe" was the battle cry every time a kite was cut. Like always, the spirit of healthy competition prevailed as winners and losers cheered exultantly. It was interesting to see the teachers participate with identical fervor.

          The children reluctantly packed their bags at the end of the session. Another memory stored of the fun they had in the "Kai-Po-Chhe" Celebrations at Chaitanya.

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