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Hi-tech Library for Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar

The Padma Motwani Library at Chaitanya School Gandhinagar was inaugurated on 31st August. This library incorporates  state-of the art technology in Library Management Systems and can boast of being the first of its kind among schools in Gandhinagar. Equipped with Gate Detection Systems, Check-in/ Check-out Kiosks, RFID tags and computers with internet facility this library is a gracious blend of the old-fashioned printed book and  the latest digital technology. All this was  donated and equipped by the Teaotia- Motwani families supported by the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust (SVNT) which manages Chaitanya.


The Sree Vidya Niketan Trust  offered  this spacious hall to the Motwani Library for this philanthropic initiative The hall-mark of the SVNT-Chaitanya  endeavour  is to give back to society  and to help  enhance the quality of learning at Chaitanya in world-class environs.  A gracious tribute to Smt Padma Motwani,  this stupendous initiative by her children and grandchildren is an acknowledgement of the intellectual stimulus she provided as their Mother. A wonderful way to keep alive her memory by ensuring that succeeding generations of children at Chaitanya are introduced to the fascinating world of books and the pleasures of reading.

In a solemn function attended by the Trustees of SVNT and a large group of dignitaries of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad,  the Padma Motwani Library was formally  inaugurated. The students were given Radio Frequency ID cards and acquainted with the hi-tech facilities in the new library. An impressive number of books were also donated to the library by well-wishers. The Padma Motwani Library  will  be a role-model for enlightened learning in Gandhinagar and  grow with  the continued support and enthusiasm of the SVNT and well-wishers.

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