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Fossils are Forever

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever “- this beautiful line from the John Keats poem, Endymion  seemed so true when a small fossil of a tree was shown to the Chaitanyans by the Director,  Ms Elizabeth Koshy . It was reportedly found in  Madhya Pradesh. The news of the  fossil being exhibited  at Chaitanya filled the  atmosphere with much excitement and curiosity. When the fossil was shown to the students of classes IV-VIII it  generated any number of queries. Detailed information about  the fossil was given to them by Ma’am Koshy  and  it was followed up by the Social Science teacher, Ms Nirupama. The students already knew that the fossils are the remains of dead plants, animals and other micro-organisms trapped in the layers of rocks due to the transportation and deposition of the sediments by wind, water etc. This was the first time they saw a  fossil many millions of years old , the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants and the organism from the remote past.

The fossil exhibited at Chaitanya  was actually the fossilized remains of a tree that may have been trapped under the rock billions of years ago. From a mountain  quarry it had been cut into a slab. It was as beautiful as a painting and proved that nature is beautiful even after it is decayed.  At Chaitanya integration of any topic with all subjects like mathematics, science, art and craft  makes it exciting for the students.  They went back in History with discussions about Pompeii and volcanic fossils to the plant fossils and dinosaur eggs in Indroda Park.


When Chaitanyans were asked about their experience of seeing this fossil , their remarks were amazing. -

‘’Beauty beyond imagination”-Nahid class VI

“Hard to believe”- Malhar Patel class VI

“Nature’s beauty never dies” – Unnatti Class VIII

“Seeing the fossil is really a very learning experience. It shows that if one had made one’s mark in life ,it would be there even millions of years later to inspire others”- Kartikay Rai Class VII very profoundly.

Komal and Vama of Class VIII were fired with the idea of creating their own fossil. They said they would bury something on the Chaitanya premises now and come back many years later to see the state of their very own “fossil”.

Fossils have inspired scientists and geologists to discover more and more about the animals and  plants that  lived billions of years ago like the  mammoth and dinosaur which are totally extinct today. Seeing the fossil made us realize that indeed “beauty is truth and truth beauty”.

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