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Christmas Celebrations at Chaitanya

Christmas which falls on December 25th every year, is a sacred festival of Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a joyful, colourful and eventful feast celebrated all over the world, even by people of different religions. People celebrate Christmas by putting up lighted stars, sending Christmas cards, giving gifts, eating delightful cakes. Christmas carols and Santa Claus are also a familiar part of the celebrations. In the midst of feasting and rejoicing it is also about Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all Men. Christmas is also all about rejoicing in the glory of the peaceful moments that it brings.


At Chaitanya we celebrate all festivals, chief among them being Janma Ashtami, Christmas and Eid. Awareness and respect for different religions, languages and cultures make Chaitanyans conscious of the fact that we must at all times emphasise our similarities and celebrate our differences.

As part of the celebrations two children sang the lilting Malayalam song "Tharakam vannu pirannu" and the choir sang "We three kings". This was followed by a skit depicting the birth of Jesus Christ in a stable with "Silent Night, Holy Night" to emphasise the solemnity of the event.

Christmas is also about merry-making and the Christmas Tree, "Jingle Bells" and Santa Claus are always part of the festivities. The children ran after jolly Santa in delight as they picked up chocolates and sweets. They also enacted Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer much to the enjoyment of the spectators. They signed off with the popular mode of “We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year".

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