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Chitra Chaitanya

To bring out the little artist in each child, Chaitanya organised “Chitra Chaitanya” on 14th December 2013in connection with Chaitanya’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations. This event was open to all the children of Gandhinagar between the age group of 2 to 7 years.

The morning saw little children carefully cradling their colour boxes, making their way into the pretty Chaitanya Junior Campus in Sector 21. The participants were categorised age-wise into three groups viz. Humpty- Dumpty, Jack and Jill and Incy- Wincy. The colouring sheets distributed for the competition was appropriate for their age and imagination.

The children with their crayons clutched in their little fingers filled in the colourful and interesting frames allowing their imaginations to run riot. Many of their childish efforts were brilliant. The colour combinations used and the neatness were commendable. It was a delight to see radiant faces thrilled with every stroke they made.


While the contestants were being evaluated, Baby Talk was organized to enhance children’s speaking and analytic skills. An open quiz was held too and the questions left the audience questing for more.

The results were declared admist thundering applause. It appeared that for these little contestants participation was more joyful than winning. Every child left the campus with participation certificates from Chaitanya and a beaming expression which said “I am an artist too”.

The judges for this event were Smt Geeta Singh, reknowned artist and Smt Pushpa Matta, former Head Mistress, KV Gandhinagar. They addressed the parents who were present and stressed the importance of encouraging talent at an early stage. The Director of Chaitanya Smt Elizabeth Koshy, Trustee Smt Nalini Subbarao and the Principal Smt. Preeta Pillai along with the full contingent of the Chaitanya staff were present to encourage the little participants.

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