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CHAITANYOTSAV - 10th Nov. 2012

Chaitanya School’s Annual fest – “Chaitayotsav” was celebrated at its beautiful Lekawada campus on  10th November. In-keeping with the theme for the year of “ Discover Gujarat”, this event too showcased Gujarat in its myriad aspects through a series of tableaus, skits, dances and slide-shows. This was the grand follow up to the Project Exhibition and Mela of “Aapnu Gujarat ”on  3rd November 2012.

Chaitanya , an English medium School put up an exquisite show in Gujarati, Hindi and English to show that a multi-lingual aspect of education is the best and most natural way for children to learn.


The enactment of an NRG couple, totally steeped in Western culture, forced to acknowledge their roots by their inquisitive child  motivates them to rediscover the land of their birth. On this journey, a friendly and desi “Ranglo and Rangli” help them unravel it all in a beautifully executed Timeline. The audience   swayed to lilting garba tunes and  were inspired by the Mahatma’s story. The Bhavai depicted the Empowerment of the Girl Child and Lakshmi in her various manifestations provided the Grand Finale.

Shri Bhagyesh Jha, Cultural Secretary to the Gujarat Government was the chief Guest. He was impressed that Chaitanya, despite of being an English medium school could showcase Gujarat and its culture so well with the use of a multi-lingual media.


Shri Dholat Bhatt, celebrated Gujarati writer, Smt Jayanti Ravi, Commissioner-Higher Education and others were of the same opinion.

Shri Bhagyesh Jha regaled the audience with some of his own poetry recited in his inimitable style to loud applause. The Chaitanyotsav was well-attended by parents and other eminent citizens of Gandhinagar. The Trustees and Advisors of the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust who manage Chaitanya School were also present to encourage the students and staff.

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