IYD was celebrated at Chaitanya School Gandhinagar today with enthusiastic participation by all students and teachers. Various asanas were demonstrated and the importance and benefits of practicing yoga in our daily lives was emphasized. The school's lush green campus provided just the right environment for this rejuvenating experience. The event concluded with the soothing echo of OM in unison with the serene natural surroundings.


Chaitanya celebrates WORLD BOOK DAY It was a Lit fest for the whole week at Chaitanya culminating in the celebration of World Book Day (WBD). Chaitanya School is privileged to house the Smt Padma Motwani Library a state of the art, modern library on its premises. The PM Library was the hub of many innovative literary activities. It was promising to see the whole-hearted participation of students and staff in the literary presentations and role plays conducted at the school. Books of different genres, from science fiction, drama and mystery to books made into movies were read and displayed with a critical appreciation prepared by students. The primary school enacted story book characters, from old favourites Cinderella, Robin Hood and Maharana Pratap to the contemporary Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow and others. Reading and listening to literary works by teachers and students generated considerable interest as the Event was organised with the objective to create a love for books and reading. Highlights of the Book Week: Meet-the-Author where Dr Indira Nityanandam engaged different age groups by reading out stories to them. The week long activities culminated on 22nd April, with the release of Vivaran- The Chaitanya Digest by Mr Ravi Gopalan, President Argusoft. Another feather was added to Chaitanya's cap when Ms Nalini Subbarao, Trustee- Sree Vidya Niketan Trust launched the PALIMPSEST, a Compendium written by Ms Elizabeth Koshy, Director Chaitanya School. .


NATIONAL VOTERS DAY # 25January2017 

Display materials to create awareness among young voters by Chaitanya School Gandhinagar... 

Emerging CHAITANYA ARTISTS Rahul Yadav & Chandni Solanki bring laurels to the school in #Drawing And Painting Competition # Congratulations!
The Good Samaritan' - A modern - day adaptation of this famous parable from the Bible was sensitively enacted by students of Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar at Chaitanyotsav 2016
Chaitanyotsav 2016 Scintillating Evening on 17th December
Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar showcased a 'World without Borders' in their annual extravaganza Chaitanyotsav on 17th December 2016 at Town Hall, Gandhinagar.

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Inter-school Short-story Writing Competition

In an inter-school short-story writing competition conducted on there beautiful Lekawada Campus...

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6th Battalion of NDRF conducted a workshop at Chaitanya School Gandhinagar. NATIONAL DISASTER RESPONSE FORCE is a specialised force constituted for the purpose...

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CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS & participants of CHAITANYA KHOJ-2016-17

Chaitanya Khoj summed up on a high note today. The much sought after Appa Memorial Rolling Trophy...

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"Happy ONAM / ഓണം

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Raksha Bandhan Celebration 2016

"My heart is glad, my heart is high...

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"Celebrating Krishna JANAMASHTMI (Dahi-Handi) 2016

Chaitanya School's Barot Amphitheater echoed with "Aala Re Aala, Govinda Aala" as the school celebrated...

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"TEACHERS DAY @ Chaitanya School was a cheerful & joyous occasion. Students & teachers reversed roles and later an exclusive visit to Chaitanya Dham was organised by the School Management especially for all its teachers. "

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Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar celebrated the 70th Independence Day with great zeal. The event was organised by the Principal.

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Workshop Graphic Organizers- Turning Information into Knowledge

In a world full of information the one who organizes it better becomes the winner.

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AKSHARARAMBHAM at Chaitanya Junior, Sector 21, Gandhinagar

Fascinating traditions and rituals abound in Indian culture. The child঩rst step into the realm of formal education which opens up a vast vista of knowledge and wisdom is an important milestone in his or her life

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MELODY #2 @ Chaitanya

Chaitanya Schools Music Band has resounded with budding artists learning to play various instruments of their choice

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World Yoga Day - 21st June 2016

Chaitanya School Gandhinagar celebrated World Yoga Day following the 'Upayoga" propounded by the Isha Foundation.

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Class X CBSE Results (2016)

Outstanding Performance by Chaitanya Students in Class X CBSE

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From the trustee

Elizabeth Koshy Director, Chaitanya and Secretary SVNT wrote:

It is my proud privilege to announce that the 2nd batch of Chaitanya's Class 10 has come out with Flying Colours...

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Play up, Play up and Play the Game !!!
This was the credo of the annual sports day Chaitanya Khelotsav (2015-2016) held on 30th January 2016 at the "Kridaangan" of Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar.It was the culmination of the year long sporting activities.

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The students of Chaitanya Junior celebrated SHARE CARE DAY at Krishna Old Age Home, Gandhinagar. The students and teachers interacted with the elderly incumbents of the home.

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Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar collaborates with State Election Commission on National Voter's Day (NVD) celebrated on 25th January to create public awareness and inspire the youth to exercise their Right To Vote.

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Chaitanya Diorama ⯪ect Exhibition 쥡nliness is next to Godliness?by Students, Staff and Parents -

from KG to Senior Secondary Concept : Director, Chaitanya, Ms.Elizabeth Koshy

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Educational Visit to Akshardham Temple

Concept: to enable the students to understand and visualize the concept of spirituality

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Navratri Celebration at Chaitanya Junior

Chaitanya Junior celebrated Navratri with great joy and vigour on 16th October, 2015.

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Chaitanya School, Lekawada is set to conduct a Diorama - the Annual Project Exhibition presenting an array of models prepared by its students.

The event, along with flash mob dances and skits will reflect the theme chosen for this year ?i>Cleanliness is next to Godliness?/i>....

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Shri Prafull Anubhai (Chairman of Chaitanya School) and Mr Pavan Bakeri (Managing Director of the Bakeri group) visited Chaitanya School.

Eminent visitors, Shri Prafull Anubhai (Chairman of Chaitanya School, Industrialist and Educationist ,associated with the Ahmedabad Education Society....

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Chaitanya School believes in building bridges between the City and Villages ?Laying New Foundations wit  their 2nd Preschool at Lekawada.

Chaitanya School believes in Bridging the Urban -Rural Divide promising quality education to the city and surrounding villages.

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Ms Swati Matta, Head of Department for Science, has been awarded THE BEST DISTRICT TEACHER in the 17th SOF NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD for the year 2014-15 in recognition of her services to the cause of education at Chaitanya School.

Chaitanya is proud to announce that Ms Swati Matta, Head of Department for Science, has been awarded...

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Janmastami celebration at Chaitanya Junior on 4th September,2015.

The festival of Janamashtami was celebrated with fervour at Chaitanya Junior on 4th September,2015

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Teacherडy was celebrated at Chaitanya School, Lekawada with much  enthusiasm and excitement on Friday, 4th September 2015.

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Independence day celebration at Chaitanya School,Gandhinagar

Independence Day was celebrated with much enthusiasm at Chaitanya School Lekawada. The program commenced with

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Chaitanya School Students Interact with Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta   

Globally renowned scholar in the area of grass root innovations, Padmashree Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta visited and interacted with Chaitanya students today

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Discussion on Classroom Teaching-Learning Methodologies

Date: 29/07/ 2015

Speaker: Ms Shubha Koshy, Head of Linguistics, Advisor, Teaching & Learning, Hongkong, International Baccalaureate (IB); Coach Mentor, Asia Pacific Region

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Chaitanya School Gandhinagar was among the top 3 schools at the Bournvita Quiz Contest :

We are proud to announce that Chaitanya School Gandhinagar was among the top 3 schools at the Bournvita Quiz Contest held at Town Hall on 27th July.

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We recall fondly Dr Kalam's visit to Chaitanya School in November last year

Elizabeth Koshy (Director) - We recall fondly Dr Kalam's visit to Chaitanya School in November last year. His charisma was of an unusual kind that appealed to child and adult alike.May his soul rest in peace.
Chaitanya school, Gandhinagar.

Reliving precious moments. Preview of the Air & Space Diorama at Chaitanya school Gandhinagar . Irreparable loss

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ᬫathon?conducted by Chaitanya Junior at Sector 21 on 6th August,2015

     In consonance to the theme of the year, Chaitanya Junior in an effort to spread the social message of 쥡nliness is next to Godliness? undertook a cleanliness drive in sector 21 adjoining the school. The procession started from school at around 11 A.M

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Mother୥et at Chaitanya Junior on 8th August,2015

Classes  : Nursery & Jr KG (8.30 -10 AM)

                Sr KG (10.30-12 PM)

Agenda : Acquaint the mothers with teaching methodology and rules & regulations of the school.

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Survey: Status of Cleanliness at Village Lekawada (Gandhinagar, Gujarat)

Van Mahotsav Celebration -2015

Chaitanya School Junior celebrated Van Mahotsav/Forest Day on 3rd July, 2015. To commemorate the occasion in a befitting manner we intend to create awareness among the students and encourage them support the noble cause of environmental protection.

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Workshop on 峯urces and Methods for Inclusive Teaching: every child learning for success?/font>

Date: 27/06/2015

Speaker: Mr. Gautam Patel, co-founder Sajeevta Foundation

Participants: Chaitanya Teaching Staff (Junior and Senior School)

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Workshop on "Training in (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) Skills for Effective Language Teaching" 


By Dr. Indira Nityanandam ? reputed author, former Principal of S R Mehta Arts College and visiting faculty at IIM ?A.

Kho-Kho Competition-2015

Inter house Kho-Kho competition  was organised for classes VI  to XI on 30th June,2015.First place was claimed by Tapti ,second by Mahi and third by Narmada respectively.

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Chaitanya School Celebrates International Yoga Day-2015

襠only way to experiance true well being is to turn inward.This is what yoga means ?not up,not out,but in.The only way out is in ?ᤨguru

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AKSHARARAMBHAM at Chaitanya Junior

Fascinating traditions and rituals abound in Indian culture. The child঩rst step into the realm of formal education which opens up a vast vista of knowledge and wisdom is an important milestone in his or her life.

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Workshop : 䥰s to undertake a Social Survey?/span>

Date: 20th April 2015

Speaker:  "Mr C K Koshy IAS ( Retd.). He is former Addltional Chief Secretary , Government of Gujarat. He  served in the Ministry of Revenue in 3 separate stints

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World Book Day at Chaitanya 2015

On 23rd April 2015, the World Book Day (WBD) was celebrated with great gusto at the Chaitanya campus of the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust at Lekawada. The highlights of the day were linguistic inter-class competitions ranging from vocabulary enhancement; reading and writing skills; spell bee; discovering books and their authors followed by book reviews by the senior students.

Jantar Mantar Jadu Mantar for Chaitanya Junior School

It was a magical world as the children of Chaitanya Junior performed at the Chaitanya Amphitheatre for the first day of the Chaitanyotsav 2014 on 9th October. The theme for the year is Air and Space and the little tots put up a wonderful show dancing with Vayuputra Hanuman, butterflies and birds

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Meghadootam at Chaitanya School, Lekawada, Gandhinagar

Chaitanya School celebrated its 11th Anniversary in the beautiful Barot Amphitheatre at the Chaitanya campus. Being a progressive school rooted in Indian culture, Chaitanya presented its theme of Air & Space in an unusual manner blending Kalidasaͥghadootam with the 21st century Email, Cloud Computing and GPS....

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Chaitanyotsav 2014

Chaitanya School celebrates its 11th Anniversary as a school of excellence living up to the ideals of its founders, the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust ( a registered charitable organisation ). Chaitanya was set up with the express purpose of Giving Back to Society and to inculcate an attitude of gratitude in the coming generations....

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Awards and Orientation Ceremony at Chaitanya

The Awards and Orientation Ceremony at Chaitanya was held on 29th March 2014 at the Barot Amphitheatre in the Lekawada campus. Mr Asheem Srivastava, Member-Secretary, National Commission for the Protection...

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Chaitanya Celebrate Holi with flowers.

Holi is a vibrant festival full of fun and colours. At Chaitanya, children are introduced to Indian culture with meaningful celebrations of all our major festivals.

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Early Shopping  Skills at Chaitanya Junior in Sector 21

The Chaitanya learning experience is augmented by frequent trips and excursions to places of educational interest. In keeping with the Chaitanya motto of Childhood for the Child, fun- filled excursions to amusement parks and picnic

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BEST FROM WASTE:  We believe that awareness, respect and understanding of the environment and the earth must be a key philosophy that underpins Chaitanya।ucational rationale. 

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The Fire Station Visit by Little Chaitanyans

At Chaitanya we start in the Kindergarten itself  See; to Do; to Know; to be Aware; to Apply.?/font>

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Chaitanya Khelotsav 2013-14      

The 10th anniversary celebrations at Chaitanya continued into the New Year, and ended with the grand 먥lotsav௮ 1st February, 2014 at the Kridaangan in the beautiful Chaitanya campus.

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"Kai-Po-Chhe" at Chaitanya

Celebrations were once again in full swing on 10th of January 2014 to mark Chaitanya's 10th Anniversary. The lovely and spacious campus of Chaitanya at Lekawada was full of fun and excitement as the children got a double...

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Christmas Celebrations at Chaitanya

Christmas which falls on December 25th every year, is a sacred festival of Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a joyful, colourful and eventful feast celebrated all over the world, even by people of different religions.

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Chitra Chaitanya

To bring out the little artist in each child, Chaitanya organised 詴ra Chaitanya?on 14th December 2013in connection with Chaitanya౰th Anniversary Celebrations.

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10th Anniversary Celebrations at Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar

In a glittering function Chaitanya School celebrated its 10th Anniversary and Chaitanyotsav at Lekawada on Saturday 19th October. It was attended by Parents and a host of luminaries from Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad...

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Hi-tech Library for Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar

The Padma Motwani Library at Chaitanya School Gandhinagar was inaugurated on 31st August. This library incorporates  state-of the art technology in Library Management Systems and can boast of being the first of its kind among...

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Chaitanya School, Gandhinagar, managed by the SVNT is now fully affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE Affiliation Code No 430193) and has Classes from 1 to 9 in its spacious Lekawada campus.

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Fossils are Forever

നing of beauty is a joy forever ? this beautiful line from the John Keats poem, Endymion  seemed so true when a small fossil of a tree was shown to the Chaitanyans by the Director,  Ms Elizabeth Koshy.

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Chaitanya KHELOTSAV-2013

This was the credo of the annual sports day Chaitanya Khelotsav - 2013 held on 25th January 2013 at the ⩤aangan?of Chaitanya School͊ Lekawada Campus. It was the culmination of the year long sporting activities.

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Achievements at the Bournvita Quiz

Chaitanya School won another feather in its cap when they participated in the city level Interschool Bournvita Quiz Competition on 7thDecember 2012 at Ambedkar Bhawan, Gandhinagar.

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CHAITANYOTSAV - 10th Nov. 2012

Chaitanya Schoolnnual fest ?衩tayotsav?was celebrated at its beautiful Lekawada campus on  10th November. In-keeping with the theme for the year of ?Discover Gujarat? this event too showcased Gujarat in its myriad aspects...

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Exhibition Mela - 3rd Nov. 2012

Chaitanyans turned into little brand ambassadors of Gujarat at the 鳣over Gujarat? exhibition at the School͊ beautiful  Lekawada campus on November 3rd. Gujarat͊ history, its folklife, its ᮤ and people?and...

Pre-primary (KG) resumed at Chaitanya Junior in Sector 21

From April 2012 by popular demand: Chaitanya resumes its pre-primary (KG) section in Sector 21 in the heart of Gandhinagar at Sector 21, Ch Road, Nr. Vaijnath Mandir, Gandhinagar. Phone No. 9712939250 / 9825697797

Admissions are open for Classes from Nursery to Class X.

Class I to Class X in Lekawada, Gandhinagar Admissions Open Prospectus and Application Forms for ALL Classes available at Chaitanya Junior, Sector 21, Ch-Road, Nr Vaijnath Mandir, Gandhinagar


Chaitanya School, Lekawada, B/h CRPF, Gandhinagar

Between 9 am and 4 pm. Telephone: 9712939250 / 9825697797
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