The ideals built into the philosophy of The Sree Vidya Nuketan Trust & Chaitanya  pose many challenges. Keeping the student strength of each class at twenty-five and at the same time charging a very reasonable level of fees puts a severe strain on the revenue stream. Emoluments paid to the teachers have to be market determined to attract the best talent. To this must be added the need to provide for the infrastructure to impart quality education like well equipped, modern  classrooms, library, laboratories etc. Even though the School Management (drawn from the Trust) does not draw any salary and serves the school free, the high ideals can be met only with generous financial assistance from those who believe in the ideals of the Trust.

The Trust is presently implementing an over Rs.10 crore project .


Capital, endowment and donations in kind are also extremely vital to the long-term growth of Chaitanya. You can support the school managed by the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust with financial aid, a specific building project or an educational or athletic program. Help us reduce the wide disparity in the quality of education available to the rich and influential and of that to the economically and socially weaker sections of the society.

A generous donation to the corpus of SVNT will  help us implement the Right to Education with more effectiveness, guaranteeing equitable education to the economically weaker sections. Partnering the tradition of excellence in education will help us sustain Chaitanya as a role model of quality schooling. Do explore the different ways of supporting Chaitanya while availing the benefits of a charitable donation.

Chaitanya School Gandhinagar – a project of The SreeVidyaNiketan Trust (SVNT), Gujarat
(The SreeVidyaNiketan Trust, a charitable organization, is registered under The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and also under 12 AA of the IT Act.)

Chaitanya School was established by the Trust on the outskirts of Gandhinagar, determined to Bridging the Rural-Urban divide Chaitanya School, located on five acres of land five kms from the state capital OF Gujarat India, Gandhinagar, is surrounded by verdant farmlands and juxtaposed between the two predominantly agrarian villages of Lekawada and Alampur. Thus Chaitanya has a unique mix of students from both the highly urbanised city of Gandhinagar and the rural villages around the school.

At Chaitanya high quality English medium education is imparted. However, the SVNT is clear that English is only a tool of communication and the rich cultural heritage of India will occupy centre stage. With this in view, the syllabus which follows the CBSE pattern is deliberately tweaked to fill the child with an awareness of the glory of the unity in diversity which is India.


The Trust is presently implementing an over Rs.10 crore project of which Rs. 4 crores is a loan from a bank. This will have to be paid back with interest. The first phase of the project which consisted of acquisition of land (Rs.1.75 crores) and construction of fifteen rooms for the primary section (Rs.2.0 crores) is now over.

The second phase of the project at an estimated cost of Rs. 2 crores was completed in 2012. Now the third phase is expected to cost another Rs. 2.5 crores and is planned for completion in April 2016. The balance shall be executed as phase four, at a cost of about Rs. 2.75 crores. This can be done only by generous donations from those who share the philosophy of the SreeVidyaNiketan Trust.

All donations qualify for exemption under 80 G (5)
NO. ITR (EXEMPTION)/AHM/80G (5)/698/09-10 w.e.f 26/2/2010.

The SVNT is registered under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA REGISTRATION NO : 041910448) and hence permitted to receive donations in any foreign currency under Indian laws and the existing regulatory regime in India.

Asia Initiatives (AI) New York, a registered tax exempt 501(C)(3) organization which supports pro-education initiatives in Asia will act as the fiscal sponsor for SreeNiketan Trust (SVNT). Any donations received by AI for the SVNT (which manages Chaitanya School) will be passed on to the Trust in its entirety.

Dr. Geeta Mehta Ph.D
President: Asia Initiatives New York |
200E 61 Street Apt 25AB | New York | New York 10065 | T 1.646.360.4459
(DrGeetaMehta is the founder of Asia Initiatives, a nonprofit organization in Japan and the US focused on poverty alleviation and education . She is also an adjunct associate professor of architecture and urban design at Columbia University in New York and a partner of Braden & Mehta Design.)
Account name : Asia Initiatives
Bank : HSBC, 950 Third Avenue, New York, NY-10022
Checking Account number : 629-760039
ABA Number : 021001088

Dr. Geeta Mehta writes to all prospective donors living in the US or those wishing to contribute in US $ :

Towards SVNT for Chaitanya School…. “I am President of Asia Initiatives NY and will confirm the receipt of your check for US $.

We will arrange for the proceeds to be sent to the SreeVidyaNiketan Trust (SVNT) which manages Chaitanya School in Gandhinagar, Gujarat as advised by Ms. Elizabeth Koshy, (Hon) Secretary SVNT.

Since Asia Initiatives is a US 501(c)(3) entity, please note for your tax files, our US tax-exempt number is 27-2190020.

The school that you have selected for your donation in Gandhinagar is wonderful. It has opened itself up to children of various economic and social backgrounds, and especially children from very poor neighborhoods. I have visited the school personally with another Board Member of Asia Initiatives, and was impressed with it.

For your files, should you need to get in touch with me in the future or wish to send a future donation to the school, please feel free to get in touch with Asia Initiatives.”

About the School:
Chaitanya School Gandhinagar
CBSE Affiliation No 430193
Classes from Nursery to Senior Secondary Level
Proposed to make it a Liberal Arts Hub along with Maths, Science and Commerce
1:25 teacher-student ratio
Differentiated teaching
Remedial classes
Committed Management and Teachers