About School

Chaitanya School is managed by the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust (SVNT) a group committed to providing quality and affordable education in the state capital, Gandhinagar. SVNT believes that today’s students play a major role as leaders and opinion- makers of tomorrow, and that there is a felt need to impart quality education based on moral values to this vital sectionipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Our Vision

  • To provide a school of excellence in Gandhinagar, only 2 kms. away from Gujarat’s capital city.
  • CBSE Syllabus
  • To keep fees reasonable and within the reach of the middle class.
    Emphasis on the education of the Girl Child as an equal to the Male Child
  • Happiness Factor of the Child is a key element in the Chaitanya School’s Philosophy

Exceptional Chaitanya


  • Chaitanya is synonymous with Childhood for the Child and stress – free education.
  • Chaitanya – an English medium school where children learn to speak English fluently to help them compete in national and international forums. At the same time great pride and emphasis is placed on nurturing Indian traditions and culture.
  • The Sree Vidya Niketan Trust launched Chaitanya in October 2003 with just 2 children and 2 teachers in premises offered by a trustee and the good will and donations of well-wishers. Today it is housed in well- planned beautiful buildings on a spacious 5 acre campus in Lekawada.

Our Mission

To de-stress Education for both Parent and Child

The Chaitanya motto is Childhood for the Child

  • Chaitanya allows the child to learn at his own pace, in keeping with the physical and mental development of his/her age.
  • Chaitanya is an English medium school, where the children speak English fluently from a very early age, even if the child has not been exposed to the language at home.
  • Chaitanyans will be able to read, write and speak English confidently in national and international forums.
  • Education based on Indian traditions and culture.
  • Integrated learning methods followed for the over-all development of the child’s personality.
  • Reasonable amount of Home Study expected. Tuitions are not encouraged.
  • Along with prescribed textbooks we follow concepts developed in the class through different activities, and work sheets distributed for practice and learning.
  • Modern audio visual equipment and instructional materials are used as teaching aids